About Us

RISE was established in 2007.
Based on HMHG’s professional experience and outstanding products, RISE provides a highly dynamic American K-12 curriculum based on rigid guidelines while providing interactive multimedia to students both in and out of the classroom. After 10 years of growth, RISE has become a progressive household name in the English language learning industry.

Teaching Philosophy

At RISE, children have the opportunity to study in a fun and completely immersive English environment, which will stimulate their interest in learning. RISE not only develops children’s language skills, but also trains them to understand the logic, cultural nuances, and thinking methods behind the language. In addition, RISE focuses on cultivating children’s leadership skills, including teamwork, presentation, project management, problem solving, and creativity.

Corporate Vision

As a progressive household name in the English language learning industry, RISE re-established its brand slogan as "The world will change because of RISE." RISE continuously encourages children to observe this world through thoughts; to understand this world through contemplation; and to change this world through innovation. RISE hopes to cultivate English thinking patterns and leadership skills in all RISE students so that they can flourish into talented global citizens.

News & Highlights

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